Of all the media tools available to a business, video is without doubt the most powerful and it can be used in a number of ways. If you would like to boost your company’s image or introduce a new product line, here are just a few of the ways that a video production can help.

  1. TV & Video Commercials – There isn’t a more effective way to get your message across than a professionally produced video and Captiv8 is Sydney’s film production specialists that are more than up to the task of creating unique video content that delivers the goods. By carefully defining your target groups, the video production company can help you to come up with an effective concept and they are with your every step of the way.
  2. Instructional Videos – You might have a product that is particularly difficult to configure or set up and a short but very informative video can show the viewer step by step instructions that are very easy to follow.
  3. Infographics and Animations – These are both very effective ways to present information and are easier to digest than simple text, as they employ special graphics that make comprehension simpler.
  4. Meet the Team Videos – People like to see the faces behind the scenes and to help your customers make a personal connection, it is a good idea to create a short introductory film that includes a small amount of information about every key team member. A brief clip whereby each team member introduces themselves and says a little about their goals and hobbies is all it takes to create that personal connection.
  1. Social Media Marketing – Organisations like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very powerful digital platforms that simply cannot be overlooked, and by posting short video productions, your followers will remain engaged, as they follow your business goals and achievements.
  2. Introducing New Products – There’s no better way to introduce your customers to a new product that a short explanatory video that demonstrates how the product is used, while also highlighting the benefits to the customer.

If you approach a leading video production company, they would first assess your needs, then, with your input, they would come up with a concept that ticks all the boxes, and once a storyboard has been approved, the technical side of producing such a film will be set into motion. There are many aspects to consider, and once the video production company knows your budget, they will suggest filming locations, props, actors and other essential components of a successful video production.

The most important thing is that the video production company keep the client informed at every step of the process, and the initial period of design consideration might be prolonged, as there could be several avenues that could be explored. Once the client is happy with every aspect of the planned production, the shooting can be scheduled, and you can discuss formatting options, as the film might be used across a series of digital platforms.