YouTubers are all the trend nowadays. It is not cringe-worthy anymore to think that some of the children dream of becoming YouTubers. Compared to the ancient days of the internet, YouTube (YT) has increased its viewership tenfold. In contrast to the 1.35 billion users in 2016, YT now has almost 2 billion annual users. That number does not even include those who merely watch without an account with the website.

Famous YouTubers earn as much as $10 million per year. A nine-year-old boy hosting a channel called Ryan’s World earned $29.5 million, putting out different kinds of content while also earning $200 million from his own line of toys and clothing. Video game YouTubers get millions of views and hundreds of sponsorships playing and reviewing games that they love.

People have taken on YouTube as a legitimate source of income for their mortgage and their daily expenses. It begs the question: how did these YouTubers get to earn that absurd amount of money by merely putting up online content? Today, we find out how you can start your own journey in growing your own YouTube channel.

Signing Up

The first thing you must do before anything else is to sign up for a YouTube account. Having an account and learning about the very basics of YT navigation and accessibility is a great journey. Through the basics of signing up, you will learn how a new user will think and react to thumbnails and video titles.

Aligning Interests with a Niche Market

The second thing you must do is to really find out which passion or interest you want as your content. YouTube is all about capturing that small market and having that market follow you around. Keep your market interested by always catering content cut out for them. If you align your interest with that niche market, you might strike gold.

Learning About the YouTube Algorithm

The most difficult part of YouTube Content Creation is figuring out how the YouTube search algorithm works. The YouTube algorithm has evolved. It has continuously drawn the ire and flak of thousands of big-name YouTubers through the years. The algorithm is a feedback loop that arranges and tailors the content that appears on YouTube account users’ home screens depending on their interests.

Across the billions of accounts present, almost no home screen is the same. The goal of the algorithm is for you never to leave the website. By breaking down this algorithm, you can optimize your video for it to appear on your market’s home screens. Keyword research and video content quality will be key.

Putting Out Content

The actual work begins once you put out your very first content. The style of your channel will be dictated by the way you work on your channel. Learning how to cut and edit your channel depending on your preferred style will be your own watermark. Slowly build towards your channel’s marketability by putting out content congruent to what your market is looking for.

Being Consistent

There is no shortcut to success on YouTube. Almost 97% of YouTube Channels never take off. This 97% earn less than 1/3 of the U.S. median household income. Putting content on a committed schedule is a must if you want your channel and community to grow. Slacking off for even a week will take you off the YouTube algorithm to your channel’s unfortunate doom. Being consistent will also be practice for you to improve your product continuously.

Just like in marketing, making it on YouTube involves a lot of market research. To be successful in it will take thousands of trials and errors to find out which will work for your channel and which will not.