There are many different audio drivers to use on a computer. One of the best is the Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 10. That is because it is simple and gives great quality sound. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s problems, especially when it comes to installation. Here are a few tricks that can help make installing this driver safe and simple.


There are two simple ways to install Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 10 on a computer, specifically for the HD Driver.

Manually using the Device Manager

  • Run Device Manager by pressing the ‘Windows” and “R” keys. type devmgtm.msc in the dialog box.
  • In the device manager, go to the ‘Sound, Video, and Game Controllers’ category. Right-click on “update driver software on the menu.”
  • Click “search automatically for updated driver software.” You will be notified if you already have the most up to date software.
  • Restart the computer to complete the installation.

Installing Through OEM Software

Installing manually can be tricky. Another option is getting the codec software from the Realtek website. They have the High Definition Audio Codecs software and they will have the correct driver for each type of Windows computer.


If the Realtek driver is causing troubles, there are a couple of ways to reinstall that can be simple.

Manually Installing Audio Manager

If the Realtek Audio Manager is missing, the problem might be that the driver it self isn’t working. The best way to do this is by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

  • Run Device Manager.
  • Go to “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” from the category list.
  • Click on the Realtek Audio Driver.
  • Select “Uninstall Device” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Delete the Driver Software for this Device” and click “uninstall.”
  • After the driver uninstalls, go to the Views Tab and click “Show Hidden Devices.”
  • If there are any duplicate audio drivers, right-click and click on “uninstall.”
  • Go to Realtek website and click on the driver and manually reinstall it.

Using DriverSupport

If manually installing the driver won’t help, using the DriverSupport can probably do the trick. DriverSupport will automatically detect damaged drivers and reinstall them on the computer. No need to know what type of computer it corresponds to.

  • Download Driver Support here.
  • Run the free driver scan which will detect any problems.
  • If the Realtek driver needs fixing, click “FIX IT” to reinstall.
  • Upgrade to the Premium version of Driver Support to automatically reinstall Realtek Audio Driver.

Using the Task Manager

Using the Microsoft Task Manager is another way to fix any problems with the Realtek Audio Manager.

  • Go to “Start” and open the Task Manager.
  • Go to the startup tab.
  • Search for the Realtek HD Audio Manager and click on it.
  • If the status is “Disabled,” right-click on the device and click on “Enable.”

Update Sound Driver Software

One final fix is to update the Realtek Sound Driver Software.

  • Open and Run the Device Manager
  • Go to the ‘Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” category.
  • Right-click on “Realtek High Definition Audio” and click on “Update Driver.”
  • Choose “Browse My Computer for Driver Software.”
  • Choose “Let Me Pick a List of available Drivers on My Computer.”
  • Choose the correct driver and click “Next” to update.