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What are the risk factors involved in SIP?


There is no such thing as a free lunch in life, and there is no such thing as a risk-free investment in the stock market. One of the greatest methods to participate in the equity markets is through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). It has several advantages and can assist investors in achieving their financial objectives.

On the other hand, every investment vehicle has its unique set of issues that must be recognized and addressed in an organized and reasonable manner. Being aware of the problems associated with SIPs might assist investors in mitigating and reducing the following risks.

Here are the risk factors involved in SIP:

Negative Returns

A famous phrase is that mutual fund investments are susceptible to market risks. This implies that depending on how the market acts, your SIP investment might go down, and you could finish up with a cause reduced than what you invested.

The risk in a SIP, on the other hand, is proportional to the holding time, and the longer the holding period, the smaller the risk. The likelihood of generating a profit improves as the holding time lengthens. Take a look at the chart below for how a longer holding time for stock reduces the risk of loss.

Liquidity Risks

Trading volumes and settlement durations may limit the liquidity of investments made in shares. Unforeseen situations may cause settlement timeframes to be greatly prolonged. While assets listed on a stock market have lower liquidity risk, the stock exchange’s total trading activity limits the capacity to sell these investments.

The incapability of a mutual fund to sell assets kept in its portfolio may result in possible losses to the scheme if the value of securities maintained in the portfolio falls in the future and may result in the fund suffering losses until the deposit is eventually sold.

Rupee Cost Averaging doesn’t work efficiently

“Rupee Cost Averaging” is one of the key advantages of investing through a SIP. The advantages of rupee cost averaging, on the other hand, might diminish significantly as the investment corpus grows.

Assume that Rs.10,000 monthly SIP rises to Rs. 6 lakhs in 5 years. The SIP of Rs.10,000 would not be adequate to average out the losses from a 10% drop in the markets.

Fund Management Risk

Another risk associated with SIP is that the chosen schemes may not live up to the expectations, and profitability may be significantly lower. The Fund Manager may under-deliver on efficiency, resulting in poor SIP investment returns. While we could discuss other risks in SIPs, such as economic risk, most of these risks would fall into one or more of the categories listed above.

Though there is a risk associated with SIPs, it is important to realize that SIPs or lump sum investments are only a method of investing, not the underlying investment. The underlying investment, as well as its hazards, must be considered before making a final choice.

Bottom Line

SIP is, without a doubt, one of the most effective techniques for investors to achieve their investing goals. Calculating the correct sip quantity is also necessary to reduce the investment’s risk. Individuals should always use sip calculators to estimate the SIP value depending on their investing goals. Also, keep an eye on the market from time to time to stay up to speed on the worth of your existing investment.

The Importance of Studio Lighting in Commercials Production


Studio lighting isn’t just crucial to the final look of your commercial – it’s vital to the process. Light sets the mood and tone of your shoot and can help draw viewers in or put them off, depending on how you use it. If you’re starting studio lighting, here are some reasons why lighting is crucial in commercials.

Helps to Reveal an Appealing Product

Every commercial has a product; without proper lighting, it can ruin your product. When you’re filming a commercial for a store, one of your primary goals should be to have a well-lit effect so it shows off its best qualities. If you use a dim light on an appealing product, you may end up emphasizing everything that isn’t appealing.

For example, if you film a shiny new car with poor lighting, viewers might see every scratch or dent resulting from poor illumination. That will make viewers think less of your product, even though it may not be flawed. Hence, quality television studio lighting design is essential for any commercial production. Many consumers are more likely to buy products they recognize from commercials than those they don’t. The key is making sure your product looks good enough to sell itself!

Helps Captivate Viewers

Studio lighting has become popular among commercial producers because it helps captivate an audience. Dramatic lighting causes characters to stand out, making a commercial much more visually appealing than one without it. Additionally, having appropriate lighting equipment can help set a specific mood, whether you want your commercial to appear sophisticated or playful.

While natural light can work well, it can be challenging to control and doesn’t always provide everything you need. Captivated viewers are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say in your commercial, which means they’re more sales-ready when it comes time for them to purchase.

Helps Set The Right Tone and Mood

The right light can help set a commercial’s tone and mood. It can create drama, excitement, or even relaxation. Different lighting styles help convey these emotions and more for many commercials you see daily. Studio lighting will help you capture what you want to show your audience.

The lousy lighting may ruin your hard work on your video shoot day! If you’re planning on shooting any commercial, hire TV lighting design professionals who know how to use studio lighting properly. You don’t want everything you worked so hard for ruined by poor lighting choices.

Enhances Aesthetics and Prevents The Commercial from Looking Amateurish

Whether a studio or on-location shoot, it’s essential to be conscious of aesthetics when shooting a commercial. What can you do to give your commercial that glossy, high-quality look? Use better equipment, like hard lights and softboxes (to diffuse light). But most importantly: pay attention to your lighting setup!

It’ll not only make your ad look more professional and appealing, but it will also help prevent any mishaps. For example, suppose you have a scene where two people are talking, but shadows entirely cover their faces because they’re standing under a tree with no sunlight reaching them. In that case, it looks amateurish and unprofessional. Always consider how your lighting setup affects what viewers see on screen. That way, you will be able to enhance the financial status of your business.

Makes Your Commercial Look Clean and Professional

Poorly lit commercial footage makes things look messy and is usually clear enough to make all your production mistakes obvious. But with proper studio lighting in place, your commercial will look great. Clean and professional—the thing that will help sell your product.

Whether you are using constant or variable lighting, it’s essential to use a quality light kit for your commercial shoot. That includes lights, reflectors, diffusers, and other accessories. If you want your commercial to be as good as possible, invest in high-quality equipment or hire an experienced TV lighting design professional to work on your project.


Correct lighting techniques are essential to producing a quality TV commercial, thus enhancing your financial status. One cannot overstate The importance of studio lighting as it not only ensures a high-quality product but also helps boost sales. To create successful commercials, you must ensure that you cover all your bases in lighting. By using good studio lights, you can help ensure that you produce high-quality commercials that viewers will love—and, by extension, that they’ll want to buy what you’re selling!

Why Should You Utilize Tungsten?


Looking for an affordable, reduced upkeep wedding event band? You can’t aid yet to love Tungsten. Beginning at simply $149, tungsten wedding event bands are additionally an excellent option for bridegrooms on a spending plan.

Unlike gold wedding bands which can damage easily, all-natural Tungsten wedding bands are incredibly scratch resistant. Tungsten rings, such as tungco, are an alloy of equivalent components of Tungsten, as well as Carbide. The result is a metal that is stronger than metal, and titanium. In fact, it has been utilized for ages in army weapons. Since Tungsten is so long-lasting, the steel has additionally become a prominent option for grooms that have an active way of life. Love to mountain bike? Climb? Raise weights? Tungsten may be simply the metal you require.

Daily Look After Tungsten Wedding Bands 

Hitched carries Tungsten marriage bands in the white, black, yellow, red, and blue inlay. While unmixed Tungsten Carbide is difficult to scratch, you’ll wish to be some extra mindful if you purchase a tinted Tungsten ring. Color is mixed to the ring by a procedure known as ion plating, then the surface of the ring is shelled with atomic-sized bits, developing a difficult coating in the desired color. So, while the Tungsten won’t scrape, the shade finish may. If a deep sufficient scratch happens, the Tungsten ring will reveal its all-natural shade. If the Tungsten ring is having wood inlay, you are going to require to take an extra treatment.

Tungsten is able to be affected by some chemicals, therefore, if you are utilizing any kind of ammonia, bleach, or other cleaning agents, you’d be finest off removing your wedding ring. We suggest taking off your wedding celebration band, no matter what product, if operating hefty equipment, or working about electricity.

Cleaning Your Tungsten Wedding Celebration Band 

Tungsten can be polished by mixing cozy water with detergent-free soap, then using it delicately with a soft cloth. Dry it with one more tidy cloth. When it’s polished up, the ring resembles any other rare-earth element.

Streamlined and contemporary or typically conventional? Our tungsten rings come in many different dimensions, styles, and completes to match any lifestyle. Whether you’re a traditional guy or a contemporary man, Tungsten wedding event bands can resemble rare-earth elements, like 14K gold, or take a spin. Modern guys are going to like black tungsten rings, although those who are extra typical are going to love yellow, as well as rose gold. All-natural Tungsten is wonderful for the “no-frills” type of person. Stand apart with an accented shade or stay elegant with a classic refined Tungsten band. A flat coating provides an ultra-modern appearance while the traditional design straddles a typical, as well as contemporary layout. Tungsten truly matches any kind of bridegroom’s character.

How to optimize the procurement process


The process of procurement is a vital function of every business organization. The effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement process can influence an organization’s entire performance. But what exactly is the procurement process – which steps does it consist of? And what are the different types of procurement? Read this article to find out!

The procurement process: a definition 

The procurement process essentially consists of several steps in which a company obtains the products and services that it needs for the manufacturing of end products as well as for continuing the day-to-day operations of the organization. 

The steps that the procurement process consists of are the following ones: 

  1. Acknowledging the demands of the company to obtain new goods and services in order for the company to continue its operations. 
  2. Choosing potentially suitable suppliers and evaluating the pool of suppliers to evaluate which one(s) are most appropriate. 
  3. Discussing the prices and terms of the contract that will be set up with the selected supplier(s). 
  4. Ordering the necessary products and services. 
  5. Receiving and examining the delivered goods and services to ensure that there are no damages. 
  6. Paying for the products and services and keeping record of all the documents that were essential in the procurement process in order for the payment to run smoothly. 

Moreover, there are different types of procurement: 

Direct procurement 

Direct procurement means that an organization attempts to purchase goods and services that are necessary for the manufacturing or production process. This implies that the goods and services are related to the core operations of an organization. Examples are raw materials, equipment and other resources. These are directly used in the manufacturing process. 

Indirect procurement 

Indirect procurement involves the products and services that support the organization’s operations, but are not directly used in the production process. Think for example about office supplies or furniture – they help employees perform their tasks, but they do not directly produce the end products of a business. 

Outsourcing the procurement process

The procurement process can be difficult to understand and manage when you do not have any experience. Luckily, there is the option to outsource the procurement process so you no longer need to worry about the entire procedure running smoothly. Two kinds of services can be offered, namely procure to pay (P2P) or source to pay (S2P) services. The P2P services include the entire process from ordering to paying the necessary goods and services, while the S2P services go one step further – they also incorporate the phase of strategic sourcing. This means that specialists will consciously search for the most efficient and useful resources for a company. 

Moreover, the S2P services have several advantages. For instance, outsourcing the procurement process from the strategic sourcing phase all the way to the payment step will increase supply chain efficiency, since specialists will have the most knowledge about managing such a supply chain well. This advantage definitely shows that outsourcing the procurement process is completely worth it. 

Building a Strong Safety Culture


In recent years, many companies have started to realize the importance of building a strong safety culture within their workplace.

The term “safety culture” can be defined as a company’s values, attitudes and beliefs about safety. It takes into account the mindsets and behaviors that all employees have towards safety – including managers, workers, and other key stakeholders.

Safety management does not fall onto one person’s shoulders; there has to be a deep concern for the well-being of all employees from the top down. It’s everyone’s responsibility, from the CEO to the entry-level employee. We all must make safety a priority.

In order to be effective, a positive culture of safety has to be embedded into all aspects of doing business — including management systems and operational processes.

A strong safety culture is a critical aspect to any successful health and safety program.

Characteristics of a Strong Safety Culture

Before you can start to build a stronger safety culture for your workplace, it may be helpful to first understand some of the characteristics of an effective safety environment. Organizations who possess a strong culture of safety often experience:

  • Fewer accidents and injury rates
  • Less turnover
  • High levels of employee engagement
  • Increased productivity

Additionally, where a positive safety culture exists, company leaders tend to truly value employee safety. They aren’t afraid to invest in safety procedures, programs, and equipment. Managers and supervisors are committed to enhancing workplace safety.

Similarly, the employees feel a sense of pride and ownership over their own safety. They feel empowered to speak up and take action.

How to Get Employees Involved in Safety

A big part of safety culture is the attitudes and beliefs that employees have about safety. Therefore, it’s important to get workers to “buy-in” to the concept of safety. One way to do this is to get them directly involved.

If you want to enhance or improve the safety attitudes at your workplace, you need to get workers more involved with your health and safety programs.

How can you do this? Include all levels of workers in the planning and implementation phases of new safety initiatives. Ask for their feedback on current policies and procedures. Keep coming back to them for input. They will appreciate being involved in the decision-making process.

This commitment results in a positive safety attitude, which helps foster a strong culture of safety.

Key Components of Your Health and Safety Program

Even though safety attitudes have a lot to do with your safety culture, so do the individual components of your health and safety program. Remember, a positive culture of safety has to be embedded deep into all aspects of doing business.

Here are several aspects of a health and safety program that can help you build a strong safety culture:

  1. Safety Training

Effective and ongoing training is a critical component to any health and safety program. It should be a top priority for all businesses. An effective training program can reduce the number of accidents and work-related injuries.

Trained employees will embrace safety culture much more quickly because they are aware of the hazards and the effect that they can have on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Additionally, investing in high quality training shows your employees that you truly care about their safety. This goes a long way to increasing worker buy-in and support.

  1. Safety Audits

Audits are another key component of an EHS program that supports a positive culture of safety. Conducting safety audits demonstrates your ongoing commitment to safety.

This is another great opportunity to get employees involved in safety. Ask them to participate in a walkaround inspection to help identify hazards and outline opportunities for improvement.

When done correctly, you can gain valuable insights from safety audits. Not only can they help create a positive safety culture, but they can also help you reduce accidents and injuries and maintain compliance with health and safety regulations.

  1. Safety Meetings

A great way to increase safety culture within your workplace is to hold regular safety talks. You could even have your employees lead the talks. Safety meetings help improve productivity, reinforce safety principles, and help meet compliance requirements.

Be sure to develop a consistent schedule for your safety meetings. Most organizations will host “tailgate meetings” or “toolbox talks” on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Choose whichever option is best for you.

Need help coming up with safety meeting topic ideas? Check out our extensive library of safety meeting topics. Choose from over 1,000 topics to include in your toolbox talk schedule!

  1. Visibility

The concept of safety should be visible throughout your entire facility. Part of that means obvious compliance, attitudes, and behaviors among workers. Visibility also includes appropriate signage and hazard recognition.

You can (and should) also keep employees informed and your business in compliance with labor law posters that are readily accessible to all workers.

Being visible with safety is an easy and effective way to increase the safety culture at your workplace.

  1. Safety Manuals

It’s difficult to build a strong safety culture without having safety manuals and health and safety policies that are tailored to the hazards of your workplace.

Not only are these documents important for compliance, but they also help set the foundation for a strong culture of safety. They provide clarity and direction for how things are done in order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Employees should be invited to review these documents on a regular basis and provide feedback or make suggestions for improvement.

The Next Step in Building a Positive Culture of Safety at Your Workplace

Looking to improve the safety culture at your workplace? Contact Safety Services Company today to develop and implement a plan for enhancing workplace safety and compliance at your organization.

You want a trusted safety partner to help you achieve better safety outcomes. We take pride in supporting our clients with this effort by providing customized solutions that fit the unique needs of their business.

Check out our extensive lineup of products and services that can help you create a positive culture of safety within your organization. From weekly safety meetings and toolbox talks, to policies and procedure manuals… we can help you achieve your goals.

Demat Account: Exploring the Basics of this Account


Change is the only constant. From our clothes to food, to the way we live; everything keeps on changing and evolving. And along with everything else, the ways of making money, trading, and investing have also changed and evolved with time.  We no longer follow those techniques which our parents used to follow. The last three months saw about 24 lakh new Demat and Trading accounts being opened, and this number predominantly contains youngsters. We are now much more aware and conscious of our investment decisions. At the same time, times are also riskier, and even a few silly blunders may cost you a lot. And one such blunder might be not understanding what a Demat and trading account is?

Let us get down to the basics and start from the beginning.

What is a Demat account?

Almost everyone has a bank account, which lets you deposit and withdraw cash. A Demat account is similar to a bank account which allows you to hold your securities in an electronic form.

Say you have some physical shares, then, in that case, you can simply open a Demat account and hold them in electronic form. Thus, a Demat account offers the safety of your securities. Also, you can keep money in them or withdraw them whenever you want. In order to maintain a Demat account, you need not maintain a minimum balance or hold any stocks. You can open one even without having any stocks in your portfolio with an ITC share price.

Types of Demat account

As you might have understood what a Demat account is, let’s quickly find out its types and varieties and know-how they differ from one another

  1. Regular Demat account

This is an ideal account if you are a residing Indian and want to store some of your securities or equities in electronic form. If you are interested in investing in IPOs, these accounts can be of use. However, problems arise when you wish to sell them as you will need a trading account for the same.  Further, SEBI has brought into the picture a new regulation wherein a holder will not be required to address any maintenance charges if the holdings are less than 50,000.

  1. Repatriable Demat account

If you are an NRI looking for an account that allows you to transfer funds from the country of your stay into India, then Repatriable accounts are the one for you. This account allows you to transfer up to 1 million USD in a year. However, you will need an NRE bank account for opening this sort of Demat account.

Non – Resident External or NRE account is a bank account that is based on rupee denominations, opened by an NRI to facilitate the various transactions with his or her home country.

  1. Non- Repatriable account

This is also for those who are residing outside of India. However, unlike in the case of Repatriable accounts, the investor is barred from transacting any money from abroad. You will need to have an NRO account for opening a Non- Repatriable account.

How To Engage With An Audience Online Effectively


Whether you are having an online concert or a public speaking session, it is very important that you interact with your audience. However, a lot of people do not know how to interact with their audience and end up delivering boring online sessions. Interacting with the audience is also important because this helps you get their feedback, and this data will help you in making your future sessions more interactive. Here are some tips with which you can also make your sessions interactive.

Use Icebreakers 

Icebreakers are an effective way to engage with the audience. You can drop some questions or anything that might provoke a reaction from your audience. If you do not know how to make the perfect icebreaker, take help from an audience interaction platform. This platform will generate interactive questions such as “What animal would you become if you were given a choice?” and “ What is your favorite activity during free time?”. In addition to these, meeting check-in questions can also be used during these sessions, which can ask some common questions like “ Are you well?”, “Do you know why this meeting is scheduled?” etc.

Ask About Expectations

Knowing the expectations of your audience is very important to make the content of your sessions. In this way, the audience will think that their opinion matters in the session, and they are also contributing to the session. Furthermore, it will also make them more attentive in the sessions. This data can also be used to frame future sessions as you will know what your audience typically expects from you in a session.

Have A Fun Break

Online sessions sometimes become too monotonous, and students find themselves getting bored. So to prevent this from happening in your session, take a fun quiz. This quiz can constitute questions from the sessions, which can also serve as a quick revision for the students. Moreover, this can also serve as feedback for you on how effective your session is and how easily someone can learn from your sessions.

Add A QnA Session

Every online talk should end with a question-answer session which will allow the audience to clear their doubts. This will make the session very much interactive and will also encourage others to voice their questions in front of the speaker.

End With A Feedback Form

Your session should end with a small feedback form which can be an anonymous one. The audience will get to interact with you through these forms and will also vote on the various aspects of the talk. They can also share any detailed feedback which will help you in improving your sessions.

These are some of the useful tips that you can incorporate into your online sessions to make them more interactive. Doing this will make you and the audience both comfortable during the sessions. However, if you want to have any interactive platform which you can use to make your sessions better, you can get in touch with Votemo.

Tips On Finding A Reliable Digital Agency Company 


Nowadays, the options are endless when it comes to finding a digital agency company, but are all of them the right fit for you? How to find the one that would best fit your requirements, and what should you consider while looking for a digital agency? Having a prominent online presence is essential no matter the size of the company, and if you do not have digital marketers and web designers on your team, outsourcing them would be the best option. To guide you, here are some tips you need to be aware of while searching for digiturundus agentuur.  

Make Sure You Check Their Portfolio 

The first thing you should look into would be their portfolio. That would give you all the basic information and also offer you an outlook on their previous assignments and give an idea about their level of professionalism. Find out the clients, the companies, the industries, and the different markets that they have worked with. Having any award or any kind of domestic or global recognition is definitely a bonus point.

Try And Talk To Their Other Clients

Most of the agencies who are satisfied with their completed work and maintain professionalism are not afraid to show their previous works or, even better, let you interact with the clients directly. If you can contact any previous clients, make sure to ask how long they have been working with the company and what their prior experience is. Some agencies who are proud of their work would have testimonials from clients up on their social media handles or website, which is always a good sign.

Make Sure You Go Through The Reviews 

Yes, talking to previous clients is crucial; however, if you do not get that opportunity, going through the reviews and testimonials would help you a great deal. A reliable company would have good reviews on Google and will also provide you with some if they are not available anywhere. A company that pays attention to your doubts and answers them is always a good sign.

What Are Their Core Services? 

Have they always worked with digital marketing or switched from another niche? This is crucial to know because to fulfill your digital marketing needs, you need someone who specializes in it and stays on-trend, and understands the personalized need of your company or website. Once you find a digital agency, you can rely on, ask them for a consultation and ask about their course of action for your brand.

Make Sure They Are Communicating 

The agency you are going for should communicate with you at all times. Make sure to hear about the suggestions they have for you. Find out the ways by which they communicate and how often they communicate. The relationship between you and your agency should benefit you both. A company that makes all the clients feel the same and does not cater individually should be avoided.

HUNDRED⁹⁹ is one of the leading names when it comes to website design and optimization. They have a vast range of services customized according to your company or brand needs.

A Complete Guide to Filing Wright Medical Hip Lawsuits


A hip replacement may bring a big improvement and relieve patients. The hip of the human is technically a cup and a ball. At the top, there is a round knob, which fits into a rounded space at the hip bone.

Injury, disease, age, and other conditions may cause natural hip joints to lose their strength. When medical doctors are unable to repair them, they may recommend a total hip replacement.

If you get a hip replacement or implant and experience pain as well as other complications, it would be wise to consult a legal professional specializing in such cases.

The expert must have a good reputation and proven track record of getting wright hip replacement settlements.

Wright Hip Replacement: Metallosis Complications and Symptoms

Wright hip replacement can be one of the lines of metal-on-metal hips related to metallosis in a patient. Basically, metallosis may affect the internal organs, nervous system, and skin.

Individuals who develop the problem might not experience symptoms. However, doctors may detect the problem through several blood tests.

The blood tests might be able to reveal that there is an increased level of the metal ions in your blood and observe signs/symptoms of metallosis like:

  • Skin rashes
  • Implant loosening
  • Infection
  • Clicking

Litigation Status of Wright Hip Replacement

Since 2012, all the federal judges in the United States determined that every future and pending suit involving wright’s hip replacement should be consolidated to the District Court of the US.

Lawsuits like Conserve Total Hip System, Conserve Total A-Class Advanced Metal and Conserve Femoral Hip Surface Replacement have already been consolidated since they share the same allegations related to performance, manufacturing, design defects, and marketing of wright hip replacement products.

By doing so, judges will be able to resolve cases related to wright hip replacement more consistently and efficiently.

Lawsuits for Hip Replacement

While hip replacements or implants improve people’s quality of life, especially those suffering from severe joint fractures or damages, some sue device manufacturing companies because their faulty products resulted in their complications.

As a matter of fact, some hip replacement models have resulted in hundreds of lawsuits, most of which have been consolidated into separate mass litigation. Roughly around 28,000 lawsuits have been filed as part of the wright hip replacement ligation as of February 2022.

It is also apparent that hip replacement manufacturers have paid more than $5 billion since 2010 in order to settle those lawsuits filed against them.

Filing a Lawsuit

Whether you or your loved one experiences infection, suffering, pain, and complication related to fault hip implants, you can get compensated.

All your need to do is find a good law group to represent you as well as keep your rights protected. Plus, your attorney will ensure that your file a lawsuit on time to avoid missing the set deadline.

The Bottom Line!

Wright hip implants have been discussed to revive the lost self-esteem of patients who have serious damage or fracture on their hips. But as much as wright hip replacements have improved people’s life quality, they can be faulty, resulting in more serious problems. You can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and get compensated through your lawyer’s help if such happens to you.

What You Need to Know About Supply Chain Control Tower


There have been massive shifts in consumer behavior due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. The predictable consumer that existed in categories like shopper frequency and brand preference before Covid has disappeared. These business shifts have led to the need to practice revenue growth management. Also, businesses need to restructure their category growth strategies. Revenue growth management involves driving profitable, sustainable growth from your consumer base through various strategies around promotions, assortment, pricing, and trade management.

What is Supply Chain Control Tower

This control tower involves a connection of main business and organization metrics, events, and an individualized dashboard of data across the supply chain. This tower allows businesses to prioritize, resolve and understand important issues in real-time. Supply chain officers face pressure to facilitate customers with things they need at the right place and time while minimizing costs. This pressure is usually challenging when unpredictability and unavoidable disruptions and vulnerabilities are unavoidable.

A perfect supply chain control tower must facilitate visibility fully in any supply chain, especially in unpredictable external occurrences. It must grasp advanced technologies like artificial intelligence with machine learning to help organizations real-time actionable insights, subdivide data silos and eliminate or reduce manual processes.

Additionally, a significant supply chain control tower enables collaboration across trading associates and teams. Also, it helps preserve business knowledge to accelerate and improve decision-making and results. Consequently, this control tower helps in better predictions of disruptions, management of exceptions, response to unplanned events, and improves resiliency.

Forms of Supply Chain Control Towers

Fulfillment Control Towers

These control towers focus on helping with package shipments. Fulfillment control towers are planned to assist with expediting orders while decreasing the general cost-to-serve.

Supply Assurance Control Towers

This supply tower assists in ensuring the availability of adequate supply, and more supply plans for delivery are made.

Transportation or Logistics Control Towers

This control tower facilitates tracking and tracing information, advanced shipping notifications, and delivery data. Also, it offers visibility into outbound and inbound logistics.

E2E Supply Chain Control Towers

This control tower facilitates visibility across external and internal processes and systems, having applications for different entities or departments.

Inventory Control Towers

These control towers enhance current intuitions into catalogue management. This control tower enhances this through a particular emphasis on avoiding shortages and stock-outs.

Factors to Consider When Establishing a Supply Chain Control Tower

Actionable and Practical Outputs

Data must be usable first for it to be helpful. Actionable and practical outputs allow data applicability and understanding in prevalent problems and activities.

Mindset Change Management

Installing a control tower needs significant changes in operation and a lot of planning. Also, it requires a joint effort to break out from existing limited mindsets.

Data Quality

A productive control tower in supply chain relies on quality information. Quality information directly impacts the output of insights and the degree of visibility attained.

Implementation Phases of a Supply Chain Control Tower

  • Prioritize and identify your business goals.
  • Detect, analyze and establish a response strategy.
  • Facilitate through deployment, design, and technology.
  • Continued improvement.

In conclusion, a supply chain control tower involves a central hub for gathering data, organizing, and distributing it to stakeholders consistently.

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